Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ice-cream and Quinces

Yesterday as I drove home from a nice day shopping with the girls and visiting their Nan I was listening to Drive on the ABC (yes, I feel like my mother, no offence Mum, you should be glad I am slowly morphing into you) and heard about Peters ice-cream being sold on and that it will no longer be produced in Western Australia. I am not sure if there is a 'mainstream' locally (meaning Perth) produced ice-cream available? I know there are several small gourmet ice-cream producers, but they are still several hundred kilometres away and only available in the city. I think it is time to investigate ice-cream makers as I will not be purchasing ice-cream that is made in the eastern states and I certainly won't be going without ice-cream!!

The quinces on my tree are nearly ready- only amount 8 big ones thanks to the 28 parrots, so when I saw some for sale yesterday in AVEG (a fruit and veg shop that focuses on locally produced stock and only stocks Western Australian produce) I snaffled up a couple of kilograms. I am unsure what to do with them, I think I will have to a least have a crack at quince paste and maybe some slow baking. Need to go and organise myself as it looks like quince paste will tie me to the stove for a while.

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granny said...

Quince icecream ?????