Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Girls

Emme had her car seat turned around this week and she is pretty happy to see what is going on. Here she is on a farm tour with her lamb.

Lyssie has been helping as usual! Just spooning a zucchini slice into the dish ready for baking.

Friday, March 6, 2009

One Variety Just Wasn't Enough!

As usual I planted too many pumpkins, I admit that. Pumpkins are a great thing to have too many of as they store well and you never really have a glut that has to be used or preserved all at once. It is great to be able to give them away and know that somewhere they are making a great pumpkin soup or even a pumpkin swiss roll (haven't tried yet but on my list of things to do).

My first pumpkin, a Queensland Blue (I think)

This year I have planted a variety of pumpkins from several sources.

Firstly a packet of Pumpkin's Old Favourites Mixed (Erica Vale brand) that I picked up earlier last year somewhere and thought they looked interesting. They include Queensland Blue, Jarrahdale, Butternut, Gramma and Jap & Paw Paw. I can really only see Queensland Blues and Jarrahdale pumpkins growing, so I am not sure what happened to the rest.

Secondly I planted 6 triamble seeds from The Digger's Club. I grew them last year and they were by far the best producing pumpkin I have ever seen. They have the added advantage of storing for up to two years.

Last of all I planted a punnet of Japanese pumpkins that I saw and just couldn't resist before christmas. Really didn't need them, but did have a great little spot full of compost and easy to add on to the retic so I knew it wouldn't be much more work. They do need a little work at the moment though as the asparagus seems to have disappeared under them!

Lyssie- 2 years and 4 months
In training for feeding the chooks and collecting the eggs