Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Things that seemed to entertain the children today.

Lyssie found Emme's quilt and played 'mud' on it, which basically involves jumping in the mud- not exactly sure that is what my sister had in mind when she was designing and making it!

Emme couldn't believe her luck when she discovered a swing for Lambie when she pulled hard on the straps at the back of the high chair- he has had the best afternoon!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Homemade Presents

Before I get started I just have to share today's great garden disaster! I Finally had an hour to myself in the garden so headed out to pull out some old spinch and give the bed a good dig ready for some more zucchinis. Anyway, I was digging away and then there was something on my fork that wouldn't shake off- a lovely big frog I had managed to dig up and stab right through the middle- it was a little distressing!!

I remember reading or hearing earlier this year from some great chef (but can't remember who unfortunately) about oregano being the only herb it is better to use dry then fresh. That got me thinking how it would make a nice little present for friends- and something I could actually do myself. So here is my first go. They look so pretty when you first hang them up.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Broad Beans

This year I planted two varieties of broad beans. The one on the left is aquadulce and the one on the right is crimson flowered broad beans. The aqualuce was definitely a more prolific grower with a lot more pods that where quite big compared to the crimson flowered, but the crimson flowered far outweighed the aquadulce in flavour and texture and colour. Ian said they were almost edible (he has had a few for dinner lately). I think next year I will only grow the crimson flowered broad beans, although I just looked on the Digger's Club website and they won't be available till July next year.
Our favourite way to eat them
First, peel, boil and then peel beans again.
Fry off some garlic, speck and onion, add the beans with a little chicken stock and simmer till the liquid has gone. Really nice with pork chops.

Monday, November 9, 2009

New Bench, Nice Playing and a Finished Shed

I managed to pop into our local antique shop on the weekend while Emme was asleep in the car and Lyssie and I found this fabulous little bench for the veranda for only $45!! Perfect for little girls sit and have afternoon tea or put on their shoes.

The girls were out playing after dinner last night and I came out to find this- it is so nice to see them actually playing and interacting nicely without assistance.

And finally the shed is finished! (It has been for about 10 days, but have been a bit slow to blog it.) In a few weeks we are having the sleepout and office rebuilt so I really need to get onto cleaning them out and moving them into the shed for a while.