Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have recently been inspired to set myself some goals (from here). Before I can set any long term goals it would be best to get through each day! So here are my goals for today.
  • pickle beetroot
  • make mini quiches for Lyssie's dinner tonight
  • make banana and date laof
  • vacuum living areas
  • Blog about a fantastic lunch last week
  • join the growing challenge
  • clean the stove (after I have finished cooking)
  • take the girls for a good walk
  • when Lyssie is asleep tonight, pack away and hide some of her toys for a few weeks (then they will be like new ones)
Not quite sure how I will go as it is 1.00pm already and I have only just managed to blog this. Best be off to bring in the washing and do all the day to day things that aren't goals before I can really get started!! Will report back in tonight- hopefully!


Anonymous said...

Jane - a website which is good to keep your list moving and in order of preference is the site
I use it for work mostly - but every so often I'll use it at home.
Hope you managed to get through the different items.

Jane said...

Thanks- sounds like a good strategy! Will go and have a look.

Kris said...

Making goals is a great idea, but you're right, sometimes just getting through the day is a big achievement!