Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Broad Beans

This year I planted two varieties of broad beans. The one on the left is aquadulce and the one on the right is crimson flowered broad beans. The aqualuce was definitely a more prolific grower with a lot more pods that where quite big compared to the crimson flowered, but the crimson flowered far outweighed the aquadulce in flavour and texture and colour. Ian said they were almost edible (he has had a few for dinner lately). I think next year I will only grow the crimson flowered broad beans, although I just looked on the Digger's Club website and they won't be available till July next year.
Our favourite way to eat them
First, peel, boil and then peel beans again.
Fry off some garlic, speck and onion, add the beans with a little chicken stock and simmer till the liquid has gone. Really nice with pork chops.

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