Friday, June 26, 2009


My fist attempt at home made pasta- very pleased with it! Just have to work on having somewhere to dry it out of the children's way. I turned some plain sheets into cannelloni which the kids loved as well. Nice to find a simple dish that everyone will eat!


granny said...

Hi Jane,the pasta looks great! Its alot of fun to make isnt it!Sometimes I dust the pasta with flour as soon as its made and put it straight in the freezer in a freezer bag.Then when I want pasta,I boil the water and throw in the frozen pasta.It usually seperates ok when its cooking,but I give it a good stir for a while.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane, please add the fresh canneloni to your list of dishes to try out on us when we next visit! Mmmm, pasta! Cheers, Chris