Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Weekend

With Ian finally out harvesting the girls and I had a quietish weekend.

Emme is up on her knees- not quite crawling or sitting but very close, still manages to get everywhere by rolling and wiggling, found her stuck under the TV shelf earlier.

Lyssie had her first real header ride on the weekend- she loved it! Lucky our header is equipped with an extra seat and seatbelt to keep her out of trouble.

Lyssie helped with some shortbread stars, she did a good job but I really had to try hard not to redo the ones that weren't perfect. She is really enjoying 'helping' now.


Anne said...

Hi Jane
Gosh, the girls look SSOOOO... cute.
Your cooking and gardening look fantastic. I think I will try the mincemeat you put up. Looks tasty.
Hope harvest goes as well as poss.
Love Sue

Anne said...

Sorry Jane
It is cousin Sue and I was known as Anne to trick a patchwork friend.
I'm not completely off my head yet??

Jane said...

Hello Sue- didn't twig it is you!

Glad to hear you are home safely from your trip!